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    高専在学中にRoboCupJuniorとRoboCup Rescue RMRCに参加。

    Rescue RMRC世界総合1位(2018)、Junior世界総合5位(2015)、Junior国内ベストプレゼンテーション賞(2017)など。


    Engineering intern at GITAI Japan (March 2020~)



  • Brief Bio


    Chiba Institute of Technology

    未来ロボティクス学科 Dept. Advanced Robotics

    Apr 2020 - Present

    Laboratory : Yoneda Laboratory


    Chuo University

    精密機械工学科 Dept. Precision Mechanics

    Apr 2019 – Jan 2020


    Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology

    電気電子工学コース Dept. Electrical and Electronics

    Apr 2014 - Mar 2019

    Best Graduation Research Poster Award (2019)

    Academic Award (2019)

    Club : RoboCup Research Club (2014-2018), Robot Research Club (2014-2017)

    Laboratory : Motion Control Lab (Cao Lab)

  • Robots

    Yunit8 - HaptHexa

    Graduation Research in TMCIT Dept. Electrical Engineering

    Yunit8 is a hexapod robot consisted of 18 servo motors and six 3 axes ground contact force sensors equipped on each legs. The research aims to develop a mobility robot that has high capability to walk on uneven terrain.

    This project awarded as best presentation poster award in the TMCIT Dept. Electrical and Electronics in 2018.

    HaptHexa project is an open-source project, all technical resources are available on GitHub and GrabCAD.

    Yunit7 - Team TUPAC 2018

    RoboCup Rescue Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge

    Yunit7 is small size rescue robot that has four rotatable sub crawler and 6DoF manipulator, two color cameras, one thermal camera, and two-way audio function. I was in charge of all of its mechanical design and system integration. Also I served as a captain of team TUPAC. Our team placed 1st in the RoboCup 2018 world tournament held in Montreal Canada.

    Yunit6 - Team TUPAC 2017

    RoboCup Rescue Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge

    I designed this robot as external assistant of team TUPAC, which was newly organized in 2017 by two members in my college. Team ranked 3rd in the RoboCup 2017 world tournament held in Nagoya Japan.

    Yunit5 - Team Mavericks 2017

    RoboCupJunior Soccer Open League

    Team Mavericks is a joint team launched in 2017 with a member from team M Robots. Through designing of Yunit5, I tested various new functions including dual kicking mechanism and omnidirectional camera. Our team got 10th place and best presentation award in RCJ Japan Open 2017. Here are technical information about IMU sensor and omnidirectional camera.

    Also, this robot receipt "aircord award" in ものづくり文化展 ORIGINALMIND.inc, click here to see.

    Yunit3.2 & Yunit4 - Team Yunit 2016

    RoboCupJunior Soccer Open League

    After 2015 competition, some members left from my team and I decided to launch new team and continue to participate in the next year's competition.

    Yunit3.2(left) is remodeled robot that uses Yunit3 as a base model, and Yunit4(right) is a brand new design with four omniwheels, high power dribbler. Team Yunit placed 7th in Japan Open 2016 in Nagoya.

    Yunit3 - Team Gcraud Nano

    RoboCupJunior Soccer Lightweight League

    After we won in Japan Open 2015, our team started to design and build a new robot for RoboCupJunior world tournament. Then, I was in charge of team captain and hardware design of robots.

    Our team got 5th place in the world tournament. Please click here to see disassembling report of this robot.

    Yunit1 & 2 - Team Gcraud Nano

    RoboCupJunior Soccer Lightweight League

    These two robots were made as I joined RRC (RoboCup Research Club) as a member of team "Gcraud". We got 2nd place in Japan domestic tournaments with those two robots. At time, I was in charge of hardware design of both, and software of attacker robot (right in pic).

  • Other Activities

    Collaborator of QUIKS

    Simple and inexpensive human motion tracking system

    QUIKS is a kinetic sensors consisted of 10+ IMUs that measures each angles of human parts. These devices are attached to each part of human body, and each devices are connected by wire. Each motion sensor transfers its motion data to the computer via RS-485 network.

    This system realizes human motion tracking with low cost compare to existing motion tracking system that uses computer vision or so on. Also, this system has high scalability and extendability that allows user to add or subtract sensor.

    Team TUPAC Video Portfolio

    In 2018

    After we won the 2018 world tournament, I made this video portfolio to familiarize our team's activities. This video was adopted as promotion video, now you can see this video from link below, or visit TMCIT Official Twitter Account.

    IR-Gun Shooting Robot

    TMCIT EEC Festival 2017

    My college and me launched event project for school festival, that realizes first-person-shooting like experience in real world using IR-Gun shooter robot.

    My role in project was its system integration of robot's hardware, and mechanical design for some of its parts.

    Workshop on Educational Robotics (WEROB)

    RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya Japan

  • Tools & Familiarity

    Hardware Design

    Embedded Programming


    • Japanese (Native)
    • English
  • 3DCAD​

    Solidworks, Inventor, Fusion360


    AutoCAD, DraftSight


    NXP Kinetis with MCUXPresso, mbed, Arduino, etc


    Autodesk EAGLE, KiCAD

    CNC Software

    USBCNC4, Mach3, LinuxCNC

    3D Printer

    Stratasys, Zortrax, Afinia, UP

    TiDD Tools


    Version Control

    Git, GrabCAD Workbench

    Video Editing

    Adobe Premiere, iMovie

  • Publication

    Non-Peer Reviewed

    1. "Organizing a team between distant places and making Omni-view camera for passive ball rule" Yusuke TADA, Keitaro MASAOKA
      July 31st 2017, Workshop on Educational Robotics, Aichi Japan
    2. "RoboCupJuniorを通したチーム運営および全方位センサの共同開発"
      多田 有佑, 政岡 慧太朗, 永野 秀明
      計算工学 Vol.23 No.1 2018 一般社団法人 日本計算工学会
    3. 高い不整地走行性能を持つ小型軽量レスキューロボットの開発 "Development of a Small and Lightweight Rescue Robot with High Mobility on Rough Terrain" Yusuke TADA, Meifen CAO
      August 28th 2018, IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society Conference(日本電気学会産業応用部門大会)Young Engineer Poster Competition (PYC) at Yokohama National University Japan
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    I'm tweeting about my products and activities on Twitter, also I sometimes write article on my blog to share information , describe my own products, or archiving ideas. My previous products are archived on GihHub or GrabCAD Workbench. If you're interested in my technical resources, please visit links below.

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